Welcome to VIP shine franchise

Benefit of franchise

  • 60% yours & 40% company life time partnership.
  • 3 month digital marketing free(After 3 months you will, pay 50% on total add amount & company will pay 50%).
  • We provide you 5 bags & 5 t-shirt.
  • We provide you 500 liaflets
  • Life time free platform ,1 banner designer
  • We provide you 5 ft x 1.5 ft light banner.
  • Technology platform and tech support.
  • You do not have to pay any Renewal charge ,OTP Charge, Platform charge , Service TAX ,UPI Charge, SMS Charge.
  • Your per month income up to 45K - 75K.
  • Investment 1-2 Laks.

Apply Now

Upcoming year 2023 our lifestyle added in digital online platform. So you think ,how useful will the VipShine platform be to you. From this platform you can make future a unlimited income without stocking any products.60/ can become a business owner. You can become an independent and do business by your self.